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Your Path to Income Trading Mastery…

Built on the Amazing Success of our Income Trading Strategy In 2016, We’ve done well over 220 trades with a 93.2% Win rate, with an average weekly return of over 7.3% (with the help of our Iron Condors), we’ve created a winning workshop – now experience a new program to help you create your own trading success in 2016, 2017 and beyond.

Mastering Income Spread Trading (MIST)

Mini-Mentorship program

It’s designed to get you to CONSISTENT PROFITABILITY with our highly profitable weekly INCOME SPREAD Trades as FAST as POSSIBLE! Learn to Trade  IRON CONDORS that averaged over 11% a week with NO Extra RISK! Learn how to DEFEND YOU SPREADS with ease and skill. Turning Lossess into Profits!

The Mastering Income Spread Trading Mentorship was designed to give you a complete Income Trading program with two distinct areas:

Trading the Mighty IRON CONDOR

  • It is a focused NEW Iron Condor Development program – you will learn the techniques that goes into the development and testing of the New IRON CONDOR trade – the highest compounded rate of return income trade that we do!
  • Guided Trading Program – we will have detailed review sessions of the Weekly Power Options, 11-Hour Options, and 11-Hour Options 2.0 workshops, with over 26 hours of detailed instructional review, and LIVE sessions
  • Designed for existing 11-Hour Options & Weekly Power Options Traders wanting an EXPERT LEVEL instruction and on-going small-group mentorship.
  • Anyone that wants to learn and apply the IRON CONDOR Trade Development and management techniques.


Tactics on DEFENDING the Spread is designed to help you MAXIMIZE and PROTECT your weekly Income Trading profits

This section is for you if …

  • are having trouble getting started with income spreads
  • sometimes get confused entering or managing your spread positions
  • unsure of how to set stop-loss orders on your spreads
  • has the Delta Neutral Strategy sunk in? or is it still “Greek” to you
  • What’s the best way of protecting yourself?… learn how to do Delta Neutral in a LIVE Session!
  • you’re uncertain how to end your trade to maximize your profit
  • you understand the trades but want to gain experience in LIVE sessions


Here is what you get in the Mentorship…

  • 1 FASTSTART Kick-Off webinar & LIVE Session
  • 5 Mid-week LIVE Trading & Learning Sessions covering comprehensive reviews of Weekly Power Options, 11-Hour Options, 11-Hour Options 2.0, the NEW Might IRON CONDOR Trade (2:30PM – 4PM during market hours)
  • 6 Friday Afternoon LIVE sessions (2:30PM – 4PM during market hours)
  • 6 In-depth Sunday Trade Synopsis videos available every Sunday AM.
  • 1 CAPSTONE “Wrap-Up” and Moving Forward webinar session
Over 26 hours of detailed 11-Hour Options Trading program time… worth over $7,800!

Active Trade Management Strategies…

  • Afternoon LIVE Go-To-Webinar sessions (2:30PM – 4:30PM) : your opportunity to trade and learn how to manage your Income Trade Positions LIVE until the closing bell.

If you are ready to make 2017 your Best Trading Year EVER! Mastering Income Spread Trading Mini-Mentorship is starting on Dec 7th!


  • The program’s Tuition cost is 2,100 per Trader.
  • There are only 20 Trader Slots in the MIST Mentorship Program (UPDATE: 6 Trader Spots left).
  • Signup by midnight Friday, December 2nd, and you’ll get a FREE $300 Workshop (choose from Weekly Power Options, 11-Hour Options 2.0, Fibonacci Trading, or EveryDay Profits)

Program Dates…

  • Mini-Mentorship Program Dates :  December 7th – Jan 20th
  • FASTSTART LIVE Kick-Off webinar : Dec 7th
  • (12) LIVE Trading/Training SESSIONS : Dec 7, 9, 13, 16, 22, 23, Jan 4, 6, 10, 13, 18, 20 (2:30PM – 4:30PM)
  • (6) Trade Summary & Review Videos : released every Sunday AM
  • CAPSTONE Wrap-Up and Moving Forward webinar : TBA
  • ** All sessions will be recorded and available forever for all participants.

Your Bottom Line Opportunity

For the 3rd straight year, our Income Trading Strategy has proven a very consistent winning strategy.In 2016, We’ve done well over 220 trades with a 93.2% Win rate, with an average weekly return of over 7.3% (with the help of our Iron Condors) our IRON CONDORS averaged over 11% a week with NO Extra RISK

The Mastering Income Spread Trading Mentorship Program is  designed to help you get a jump start in 2017. Many of our traders experienced very consistent profits in 2016 because of our Income Trades.

What are you waiting for? Where will you be a year from now? Opportunity to master INCOME SPREAD TRADING. Remember Small-Groups are very space limited – only 6 Spots remain – get this opportunity.   Act ASAP!

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