We Empower Traders!

The Purpose.

To Develop Profitable Traders!

The Core Values.


We create awesome trading tools and education and will not settle for less than extraordinary.  We develop every new tool/software/training as a direct result of listening to our customers and caring about their struggles, needs, and desires.


We walk our talk. We do what we say we’ll do.  Every daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goal is tied to our purpose of helping traders succeed.


We eliminate unnecessary processes.  We only do that which moves the needle. We make things that are easy to use.


We pursue truth with reckless abandon.  We will follow wherever truth lead us, as we seek to innovate and constantly improve.  We value independent thinking and do everything we can to find the best way to do things.


We may struggle, and things may not go as planned, but we rally together, as a team, to achieve great things for our customers.  We pursue every challenge with a can-do attitude.  We walk our talk.  We do what we say we’ll do.  Every daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goal is tied to our purpose of helping traders succeed.

Team Work.

We focus on achievement rather than credit.  We win (and lose) as a team.  We aren’t afraid to share our success or shoulder the blame. We give credit were it’s due, own up to our mistakes, and work to find solutions to problems we discover.

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The Team.

Drew Day

Drew Day

President and Co-Founder

Drew Day  is founder and president of fintech firm MicroQuant, an international speaker and 16 year hedge fund veteran. He has been involved with systematic trading and portfolio management for more than 15 years. He focuses on trading the global futures markets, following a systematic, low leveraged and highly-diversified trading regiment. As a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA,) he traded 40 individual futures markets across eight different sectors.

Drew has been a featured speaker at Bloomberg Markets in London and New York, and is featured as an industry expert on managed futures in the Bloomberg Wiley book “A Visual Guide to Hedge Funds” by Richard C. Wilson.

Brian Strong

Brian Strong

Vice President and Head of Development

Hi there, I’m Brian and I’m the only Yankee on this team!  I’m from upstate New York and proud of it.  I am kind of obsessed with figuring out how and why things work.  I’ve been taking things apart since childhood with a goal of understanding the smallest details of what makes something work the way it does. This early obsession led to trying to understand how the human body and mind work (without taking them apart). I believe that if you understand how and why something works then you can easily recreate a repeatable process that can solve all kinds of problems.  I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and biological sciences.  I have a diverse career in software engineering with projects ranging from mobile gaming to hedge fund software.  When I’m not coding, I enjoy being outdoors and spending time with my wife and two extremely active children.

Dave Aquino

Dave Aquino

Pro Trader and Portfolio Manager

Dave Aquino is a professional trader with over 20+ years of real-world experience as a trader and portfolio manager. He started his career at Merrill Lynch and eventually moved on to manage over $650 million in assets, specializing in options income strategies, for Vanguard Asset Management. He is also a graduate of Vanderbilt University. Dave is a partner at MicroQuant, and specializes in helping clients understand how to trade options for income.

Thomas Wood

Thomas Wood

Pro Trader and Hedge Fund Manager

Thomas Wood is a professional trader with over 10+ years of experience trading the markets, both personally and professionally as a hedge fund manager. He started his career at a wealth management firm, created a hedge fund at the age of 26 and eventually settled as a head trader at MicroQuant. Thomas is a partner at MicroQuant and specializes in helping traders simplify the markets by understanding is world-renowned price action trading strategies.

John Osborn

John Osborn

Trading Analyst and Instructor

John Osborn wears a lot of hats at Base Camp Trading.  He is a trading analyst and instructor that you will find in the trading rooms from time to time.  Additionally, John develops trading indicators, strategies and documentation to help BCT members and clients find trading opportunities in alignment with our trading strategies.  John is a software engineer and trader with over 20 years of trading experience, including a background in designing human machine interfaces for submarine systems for the Department of Defense, and managing projects and project management positions at a large pharmaceutical company.  John has also been a collegiate computer science instructor.

Minh Le

Minh Le


Hey, I am Minh and I am the guy that helps you with any questions you’ll have around here at Base Camp Trading.  I have a passion for making sure that our student family is set up for success!  I studied programming in college so that I could help people understand the technical aspects associated with learning difficult concepts.  When I am not working at Base Camp, I enjoy hiking, disc golf and believe it or not I’m actually a DJ! I am from LA after all!

Jeff Joostema

Jeff Joostema

Member Relations

Jeff Joostema is focused on helping new members understand the various features and trading strategies taught by Base Camp Trading.  Jeff played football and wrestled for the University of North Carolina where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business.  Jeff built a very successful career as an entrepreneur.  Jeff has been a member of Base Camp Trading for a very long time, and trades both futures and options.