The Summit™

We often hear from traders who are overwhelmed, confused and frustrated because they have lost money and don’t understand how to consistently trade the markets. We created a proprietary framework called The Summit™ that helps traders simplify the markets through better tools and time-tested strategies so they can trade with confidence.

Base Camp

We give you the tools, knowledge and mindset as the foundation to successfully start your trading journey.

The Ascent

We provide extensive training along with strategies and indicators to help you confidently navigate the markets and scale YOUR trading strategy.


Now that you have the experience using your trading plan, You are now ready to add the last few pieces to get you to your ultimate goal.

Trade the Markets with Confidence

What Others Are Saying…

This was my first trial week. I will be signing up as a member for sure. On my first day on Monday morning it took you about 40 min to make two months of membership premiums. Thank you so much!

Josh N.

I’ve been in 10 different rooms over the years. This is the only trading room that has been consistent in following trading rules – which is the foundation of all good traders. Follow the rules that Thomas developed and your trading will be consistently profitable – mine definitely has. Thanks Thomas!

Graham C.

I have been in several trading rooms without any success until I found Value Charts.  Thomas is awesome.  He takes time to answer all questions and show why he is making certain trades.  There are no phantom trades, he tells you what he is going to do before he does it. He has changed the way I trade in a very short period of time. Thomas is awesome!!

Rob A.

Thomas, the information and knowledge you give in this room is the best in the business and this is coming from someone who has subscribed & attended over 100 trade rooms

Vishal K.

I wanted to thank you, your mentorship program has been a tremendous help by simplifying everything for me. For the first time I have written trade rules that I have been following, simple and to the point. I have taken other classes and mentorships from others companies, but your style is very easy to follow. I like how you build each week on the last week, at the end of your mentorship I can now “Fish” on my own. You have helped me put all of the knowledge that I have obtained over the years together. Now my equity curve is heading in the right direction. I would highly recommend your mentorship program to all traders, new as well as advanced. I am dyslexic and we learn at a different rate than others, we see things in a different way, the way you laid out the information, makes it very easy to understand and to put into action. 

Tom T.

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