** : Deadline, April 30th, 11:59PM EDT


Mastering Income Spread Trading (MIST) Case Study Mentorship


1) Please complete the Payment Process ASAP (outlined below). I would highly you recommend you do not wait. We have a lot of traders asking for the MASTERING & DEFENDING the Spread, and the  the program closes FOREVER Midnight, April 30th.

2) Once payment has been received, you’ll get a confirmation email that includes the Trader’s Questionnaire attachment. Fill that out for your personal records.

3) Look for a welcome email within 24 hours for your Mentorship schedule and all related program Go-To-Webinar sign-up links. THANK YOU!

[Payment Process]

1. Click on this Link  go to www.microquant.com/consulting.php

2. You’ll come to a payment page. Yes, I know it says “Hourly Consulting” but we’ll use this form.

  • To enroll in the MASTERING & DEFENDING the Spread program, You need to update the number of hours to (6)
  • then click “Update”
  • it should give you a total of $1800.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in your payment credit card information.
4. Once you complete payment, the system will notify me.
5. You’ll get a confirmation email and will read “Hourly Consulting Time with Dave Aquino”, that is correct

Thank you. I look forward to working, teaching, and trading the new MASTERING INCOME SPREAD TRADING CASE STUDY mentorship!

All the Best in Trading & Life, -Dave