According to the “Modern Trader Report,” released by Broker Notes, there are nearly 10 million traders worldwide. That means that about 1 out of 800 people on the planet trade the markets.  Unfortunately, the statistics reveal that approximately 90-95% of these traders fail.  So, if only 5-10% of traders make it, what is separates them from the majority?

It is settled beyond dispute, that humans can achieve extraordinary success. In trading it is no different. While anyone can certainly be profitable and successful with trading, most are not.  That’s just the truth.

With the thousands of traders we’ve worked with and surveyed we have discovered that there are certain things that traders can do to potentially increase their success rate.

The reason many of the traders out there fail is that they lack the proper training, mindset, knowledge and framework for not only getting into trades but also for managing trades during a variety of changing market conditions.

With a good mentor, a solid grasp on the fundamentals and enough practice in paper trading accounts, the odds can increase substantially for the new trader.

Do you want to be in the top percentage of active day and swing traders?  Well, here’s a glimpse of what it will take.


  • Commit to study and practice trading the markets at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Treat trading like a business! The goal of any business is to generate profits and to spend less than you make. So, be sure you are treating trading like a full-time job.
  • You must have a trading plan, and you must follow your trading rules.
  • Your odds of success increase drastically when you work with a trading education service.

The benefits of working with a trading education firm like Base Camp Trading are immense.  Here are a few examples of the benefits you get from working with our professional traders at Base Camp Trading:


Live Trading Room (Futures & Forex and Stocks & Options): You’ll get access to both Live Trading Rooms. One focuses exclusively on Futures and FOREX. The other is all about trading stocks and options. Look over the shoulder of our trading coaches as they make live trades with real money accounts. You’ll also get to see how our trading strategies are used to make real money with our trade setups. ($294/month Value)


Daily Member Videos: Each day you’ll get access to two new trading videos: a Morning Market Recap and a Nightly Video Newsletter. These videos feature analysis and commentary on important developments in popular Stocks, Options, Futures, and FOREX markets. These Daily Trading Videos also feature important trade setups, longer-term outlooks, developing price patterns, and tips and best practices used by professional traders. ($194/month Value)


Weekly Outlook Trading Plan: The Base Camp Trading Weekly Outlook gives you a bird’s-eye view of the market in 10 minutes or less. Every Friday night you’ll get up to speed with long-term outlooks on markets for the week ahead. This video gives weekly and daily setups for swing trades and can give directional bias for the following week. Thomas Wood covers Futures and FOREX markets while Dave Aquino will post setups for Equities and Options trades. ($97/month Value)


Private Member-Only Chat Room 24/7: Never trade alone again! Enjoy access to our private, members-only chat room. Have a question about the markets? Want to get a second-opinion on a setup before you enter in? Just post your question and get helpful replies from our coaches and members. You can also celebrate the wins your fellow members are getting as well as post some of your own. It’s a great community! ($47/month Value)


Live New Member Orientation: This video is designed to help you get the most out of your membership. We encourage you to watch this as soon as you sign up, so you can see how to get the most out of your first 30 days. After watching this you’ll have a solid understanding of what’s included in your membership and what to do next.


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Total Value = $632/month value for just

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Platinum Membership Benefits

All This for Just $97/month

We’re offering a special to our Platinum Membership for just $97. So, you can pay $97/month and learn all the following in the next month:

  • Why some traders are consistently profitable… so profitable it actually makes you mad! This little-known information could make you millions.
  •  Flash-learn any trading style you wish, even absorb whole styles in as little as 30 minutes! Plus, also learn how to quickly identify the right setups in those styles.
  •  7 questions that reveal “leaks” in your setups — ask these before you enter a trade, fix them, and it WILL increase your profit potential.
  •  How to spend less time in front of your computer trading each day. Best times to be at your desk. And how-to setup and respond to trade alerts.
  •  The simple 4-step formula that even a brand new, part-time trader can use to identify setups that could be 10 times more profitable than your normal trades.
  •  What most traders we coach TOTALLY screw up. This is the clarion call of a rank amateur trader – and completely unacceptable if you want to do this full-time.
  •  You don’t have time to be a profitable trader. Wrong! Find out how you can learn to increase your profit potential trading just 30-60 minutes a day.
  •  The three top myths about trading (why trading educators and gurus want you to believe the path to success is way more complicated than it really is).
  •  How to kick your bad trading habits and embrace a whole new way of trading that’s built on a solid foundation… all in just 30 days.
  •  The crazy simple method you can use to identify high-quality setups… it’s so simple any beginner trader can master it within days.
  •  The single fastest, easiest, and best way of trading the markets so you can learn to increase your consistency.

Want Proof?  Check Out These Recent Member Results:


Actual Screenshots of Gary’s $4,680 Day See Below:

Here’s a Day he made $4,927:

And here’s a day he made $4,858:

And here’s a day he made $5,085:

And a $10,177 day:

Here’s the email Gary sent Thomas last week:

So, in summary, here’s some recent results from Gary working with Base Camp Trading:

In Example #1 he makes $4,680 in a day
In Example #2 he makes $4,927 in a day
In Example #3 he makes $4,858 in a day
In Example #4 he makes $5,085 in a day
In Example #5 he makes $10,177 in a day


Helping with Options Traders Too – Even More Results with a Trader named Jim from Texas:

Now, I’d like to introduce you to Jim. Jim is a trader who may be in a similar position as you.

When he started using the 11-Hour Options Strategy he was a beginner/intermediate trader. Certainly not an expert at this.

And so I share his story to prove that you don’t have to have 20+ years of real-world trading experience like I do for this to work.

If you can follow simple directions, you can use this same strategy to generate consistent profits too. November 2017: Jim Starts Trading 11-Hour Options Jim attended our Dallas Bootcamp in October 2017 where I taught on 11-Hour Options. I met him after my talk and he told me he was going to test it out.

His plan was to trade 11-Hour Options just how I prescribed, however he chose to only trade the SPX (S&P500). His goal was to go for a 4%, 5% or 6% return on every trade and no more. He would aim for consistency over big gains. He also agreed to utilize the stop loss levels I suggested and to trade the same trades I took in the trading room.

“The biggest obstacle I had before I started with 11-Hour Options was figuring out how to cut my losses and get out. But I watched Dave’s 11-Hour training and saw how his results were like 95%, and that of course got my attention. So, I decided to give it a go,” says Jim.

Jim began to take his 11-Hour trades in November 2017. And something weird happened.

He took 7 trades in November with zero losses. Then in December he placed 10 more trades. And again, no losses. In January he took 10 trades, again with zero losses. Jim had good runs before but never experienced 100% wins after 27 trades. Something was different about this system.

And the best part was how much his accounts grew in those three months.


Monthly Account Growth:  November 28%, December 17%, January 38%

In November, Jim took one of his account from $23,257 to $29,959 (+$6,702). See below:


In December he didn’t trade as much because of the holidays but still managed to take a $27,887 account to $32,597 (+$4,710).



And in January he took a $32,597 account to $45,073, making $12,475 (+38.3%).


So, in summary, here’s what Jim did in his first three months using 11-Hour Options:

Month Ending Value Starting Value Period Change % Change
November $29,959.63 $23,257.22 $6,702.41 28.8%
December $32,597.85 $27,887.76 $4,710.09 16.9%
January $45,073.74 $32,597.85 $12,475.89 38.3%

As you can imagine, Jim was pretty happy with the results. Not just for the growth itself but because he finally found a reliable system, he could trust in to help provide for his family. Oh, and by the way, Jim also had zero losses in February, March and April (6 months straight with no losses). How’s that for a good win-rate?

$10,803 In Profits in Just
2 Weeks (11.65% Growth)!

I’ll wrap up Jim’s story by saying that he, naturally, continued with this strategy. But in May 2018 he had some personal family issues he had to deal with, so he only traded two weeks that month. Now look at the screenshot of the statements Jim sent me of those two weeks:


In Account #1 he makes $3,286.
In Account #2 he makes $4,340.
In Account #3 he makes $3,176.

Again, all in the month of May.

Jim started out with a total account at the beginning of May of $92,712.

He generated $10,803 in profits in 2 weeks. That is a growth in the account of 11.65% in just two weeks. 11.65% is more growth than the S&P 500 usually has in a good year!

Here’s the text Jim sent me after this happened:


Want Even More Proof of the Benefits of Working with Base Camp Trading? Listen to What These Traders Have to Say:

Now we can’t guarantee that you’ll be profitable, nobody can guarantee that! However, what we can do is offer you the tools and education that are benefitting countless traders that are learning to simplify the markets with our trading education, tools, and features inside of our Platinum Membership at Base Camp Trading.


Enroll in Our Platinum Membership Today for Only $7 for 30 Days Then Only $97/month!


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