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Creating Options

in the Live Trading Room

Options provide a great way to get into the market for a relatively small amount of money, and provide the ability to design strategies customized to the individual investor. You can hedge against loss without forfeiting the potential for solid capital gain.

Options Room Host Dave Aquino

Dave has more than 20 years of financial experience, building impressive clientele bases at both Merrill Lynch and Vanguard Group. In his 12 years at Vanguard’s Asset Management Service Group, he worked with ultra-high net worth clients and oversaw portfolios in equities, options and mutual funds.

Get Immersed

You’ll learn by watching and interacting as Dave promotes an online environment that is responsive, educational and fun.

What’s Trending?

Learn how to trade with (or counter to) trend strategies in different timeframes—from intraday trades to multi-day swing trades.

Keeping Them Open

Learn different options strategies—from directional trades to credit spreads—and see how to select the best options to trade in different situations.

Make the Most of It

Dave offers a focused investing environment that teaches trading strategies that will help you minimize risk while utilizing the power of leverage.