BCT Earnings Program

I have been trading for 20 years but not seriously until I retired in 2013. Until I found you guys, it was never with much success. Every system, every indicator, every approach I tried just would not consistently work across the full spectrum of market cycles. I cannot tell you how much I have spent trying to find the right approach to make money consistently.

- Glen

I can promise you that you will benefit from working with people. They trade what they teach and regardless of your level of expertise my bet is that they will help you.

- Dave

I have been a member about a month. I think in the near future I am going to be able to retire from my regular job and just trade. I’m understanding more and more every day. I have dabbled with trading for about 5 years and never made profits. With your help I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. First time in my life that I think trading to make a living will actually work for me.

- David

With all the hype and promises consumers receive each day, there are very few instances where you feel like you get your money’s worth. Base Camp Trading is one of those. I paid for my monthly subscription on the first trade.

- Tom

Before Base Camp Trading I was a losing trader ever since I started trading in 2004. I watched and listened to every guru during that time. And I’m thankful for having stumbled on to BCT. I’ve learned to look at charts differently and work for high probability setups. I can truly say I’m learning to be profitable, consistent.

- Chris

Incredible trading advice. Not some brand new trader looking or thinking he’s a professional trader. These are seasoned veterans providing legitimate and sound information. Worth its weight in gold

- Jackson

I’ve been in a lot of different rooms on a lot of different sites over the last 4 years and a lot of it seems to have to do with what you understand and what works for you. This is the first one that I’ve stayed because of understanding – not just what is being done here – but also, the way things are presented.

- Mark

Whether professional or novice, Base Camp Trading is certainly a team you want to associate with. Professional, consistent, educational, tactical, strategic.

- Vish