We have thousands of clients from all walks of life, but they all have one thing in common…  They agree that we make a difference!

Don’t take our word for it… Hear it from them for yourself.

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I have been in several trading rooms without any success until I found Base Camp Trading.  Thomas is awesome.  He takes time to answer all questions and show why he is making certain trades.  There are no phantom trades, he tells you what he is going to do before he does it. He has changed the way I trade in a very short period of time. Thomas is awesome!!

Rob A.

This is the right room to be in hands down.

Clifford S.

Thank you!! You are making substantial differences in so many people’s lives!

John O.

…thanks, I have been a platinum member about a month.  I think in the near future I am going to be able to retire from the regular job and just trade.  I’m understanding more and more every day…I appreciate everything you do Thomas. I have dabbled with trading for about 5 years and never made profits. With you I think I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. First time in my life that I think trading to make a living will actually work for me. see you in the morning.

David D.

I have only been in your trading room for a few weeks, and last week had a consultation with you. However, even in that short time I feel I have turned a corner. I am more confident than I have ever been when entering trades, and I have had positive results ever since our consultation. Today I am up $120 so far on 2 trades. I can honestly say I am learning daily, and am very happy to have found your indicators/methods and your live trading room!

Paul T.

Thomas, thanks a lot, you are the best! I sincerely mean it. I have been through many fake gurus.


This is the very best trading room of very many I have tried!

Christopher R.

I have been in the live trading room for about 10 days now, after being in 3 other rooms in the past (One for 2 1/2 years) I really appreciate the great teaching, you are helping me in the exact areas of weakness I have, & I really appreciate it!

Duane K.

With all the hype and promises consumers receive each day, there are very few instances where you feel like you get your money’s worth. Base Camp Trading and the Live Trading room, conducted by Thomas Wood, is one of those. I paid for my monthly subscription on the first trade. He goes to great detail to explain each trade and is quick to point why he took the trade and what the indicators are telling him. I like the fact that you get a chance to look at multiple markets during the four hours the trading room is open. Thomas realizes not everyone has the same trading style and offers recommendations for each style. The fact that the trading room has been open for nine weeks and has only had two down days speaks for itself.

Tom S.

I have never been in a room like this that gives me so much help.

Bob H.

Thanks Thomas for best room I wish found u much sooner

Hossein A.

Thank you very much. I will go over the recording of the consultation this weekend. You covered in one hour more than what was covered in my two-day mentoring and three hour follow up telephone call years ago.

Okey L.

Thomas, the information and knowledge you give in this room is the best in the business and this is coming from someone who has subscribed & attended over 100 trade rooms

Vishal K.

I’ve been in 10 different rooms over the years. This is the only trading room that has been consistent in following trading rules – which is the foundation of all good traders. Follow the rules that Thomas developed and your trading will be consistently profitable – mine definitely has. Thanks Thomas!


This was my first trial week. I will be signing up as a member for sure. On my first day on Monday morning it took you about 40 min to make two months of membership premiums. Thank you so much!

Josh N.

Thanks for all the encouragement. It is helpful beyond what words I could think of to be express my thanks at how great it is to be able to learn from a professional trader that you are, and I imagine that it is difficult probably for you to really know the significance of your electing to help others in this way, for us here in the Live Trading Room each day. Sure, it is your business, but obviously you would be just fine without teaching as you do with us here. So, Thank you Thomas and I hope you don’t mind the constant thank you messages, but I wanted to let you know of how much it mean to us.

Wayne K.

After listening to your requests for traders to reply about their difference in trading since being a member of the Futures Room, I have decided to throw in my cap along with all the others.  The balance of my account continues to show steady improvement.  My ability to make decisions and to make them more quickly have definitely improved.  Both are a result of learning the Momentum Indicators and listening to you both in the room and via workshops/webinars.

Dave M.

You’re a great teacher Thomas. Generous and patient.

Olly F.

I’ve enjoyed your analysis this week. Great job explaining how you trade. Keep doing what you’re doing. Gives us confidence, inspiration, and motivation to tackle these futures markets. Well done.

Frank F.

After finishing my first week in the live trading room I wanted to say thank you! You’re extremely disciplined, calm & a pleasure to listen to and I love how you have proven daily how a trader can take mitigate risk for a high reward. I really can’t thank you enough for all that you do for us


The trading room is an excellent service where you can watch Thomas as he effortlessly glides through the markets identifying setups.  He’s a very skilled trader and a patient teacher as he explains his various techniques in the live market.  He’s repetitive explaining the same setups over and over but that’s what drives it home and helps me to learn.  Does he win every trade?  Of course not, but it’s very rare to see him have a losing day.  As you watch him day after day, it’s clear that his method provides a clear edge and the odds are on his side.  It can be fast and furious with lots of trades in different markets and he typically holds trades for larger profits as opposed to scalping.  The real value of the room is the education you receive as Thomas explains his setups, targets, and stops for each trade.   You might even make some money as you learn.  I hope to “graduate” from the room as I would like to develop the confidence to trade on my own and the learning experience of the room should help me to reach this goal.  Even so, I’d likely keep my subscription so that I can poke my head in and ask questions as needed

Glenn Z.

you treat your customers like friends…thank you

Christopher R.

Thomas, I have learned quite a bit in your live session than any other program I have been into!

Dan A.

Thank you sooooo much Thomas for you patience and willingness to share your expertise —- You definitely add value to anyone willing to pay attention….. YOU ROCK!!!!!!

Susan M.