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How A Trader with Only 2 Years of Experience is Having $4,000+ Days, Trading Just A $50,000 Account, Using the Renko Breakout Strategy!


I started using the Renko strategy the way Thomas teaches about five months ago and, knock on wood, I have not had a single losing day in three months! After blowing up several accounts over the last few years I can honestly say I’m a believer in Renko and the methods Thomas teaches. It’s simple and it flat out works

Gary Smith

Baltimore, MD

From: Gary Smith
Baltimore, MD

My name is Gary and I’m a 56-year-old day trader from Baltimore, MD. I’ve spent the last 20 years serving in an elite special forces unit for the U.S. Army called Delta Force.

We were a high priority acquisition team. When they needed certain things acquired, they sent us. We were on our own most the time. In the 80s was the big War on Drugs and we were in South America calling in strikes on drug farms, processing plants, and bad guys. We got to be pretty good at what we did.

However, my career in the military took its toll on my family life. My wife and kids barely saw me for almost 20 years. I have two adult sons who I didn’t get to see much when they were younger. But now I have a teenage daughter and I want to make the most out of the time I have left with her.

This is what got me into trading. The desire to make a living, trading just a few hours a day from home so I could spend more time with my daughter before it’s too late.

“I burned up numerous accounts
chasing the next shiny coin!”

I got serious about trading about two years ago. And like all new traders, I made every single stupid mistake you can possibly make and burned up numerous accounts in the process.

After bouncing around from room to room, toying with different systems and chasing the next shiny coin, I lost a lot of money and realized I needed to make some big changes.

I finally wised up and realized I had to focus. I had to find a system that worked. And that system had to be simple, something I was comfortable with and that I could use consistently.

Discovering Renko Charts
And Thomas Wood’s System

After evaluating many different strategies and trading rooms, I eventually came across Thomas Wood and his unique Renko Trading strategy. I watched and listened to so many gurus but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon Thomas and Renko that things began to click.

I liked how clean the Renko charts were and how simple and disciplined Thomas’s strategy was. I saw how he would wait for the perfect setup. And one day the light finally went off for me. Duh, wait for your setup! Why are you wasting your time taking other stuff? Wait for the ones you know are working well right now. 

After I started operating like this, things really began to turn around for me. 

Now I’ll Make $4,000 to $10,000 In A
Single Day Trading a $50,000 Account!

Like I said, I spent a couple years floundering around out there, trying to figure this trading thing out. But back then it felt more like gambling and now it feels more like a business. Now I’m a very focused trader with a simple system and clear “Rules of Engagement” if you will.

I’ve pretty much abandoned everything else I was doing and just trade two setups. And if all I take are those two trades, I’ll make plenty of money. In the last couple months I’ve had days where I’ve made:  $4,680… $4,927… $4,858… $5,085…. $10,177 (Screenshots below).

Now if you have a million-dollar account those numbers may not sound impressive. But for a small-time trader like me, someone who trades a $50,000 account, those numbers are great! 

Remember, I spent years losing money. So to make over $4,000 in a day by just trading a few hours in the morning, is a dream come true for me. Now, I’m able to spend more time with my daughter and actually enjoy my life. And that’s why I’m sharing this with you. 

When Thomas asked if I’d be willing to “share my experience trading Renko” I didn’t even think twice about it. I feel a responsibility to let other traders know that you really can win this game. But you need the right coach and the right system - I’ve found both and I’m so grateful!

Actual Screenshots of Daily Profits
Using the Renko Trading Strategy

Here’s how Gary used this strategy to make $4,680 in a day. See below:

Here’s a day he made $4,927:

And here’s a day he made $4,858:

And here’s a day he made $5,085:

And a $10,177 day:

Here’s the email Gary sent Thomas last week:

So in summary, here’s some recent results from Gary using the Renko Breakout Strategy:

In Example #1 he makes $4,680 in a day
In Example #2 he makes $4,927 in a day
In Example #3 he makes $4,858 in a day
In Example #4 he makes $5,085 in a day
In Example #5 he makes $10,177 in a day

Will This Work for Smaller Accounts?

Now you may not have a $50,000 trading account like Gary did. But honestly, it doesn’t matter. The strategy works whether you have $5,000 or $50,000. If you had been using a $5,000 account to make those same trades here’s the profit you could’ve made those days:


Example Ending Value Starting Value Daily Profit
Example 1 $5,468.00 $5,000 $468.00
Example 2 $5,492.27 $5,000 $492.27
Example 3 $5,485.80 $5,000 $485.80
Example 5 $5,508.50 $5,000 $508.50
Example 4 $6,017.77 $5,000 $1,017.77

Imagine Going 3 Months
Without Having a Losing Day

One of the things I want to highlight in Gary’s story above is the fact he has not had a single losing day in three months straight! Now don’t misunderstand that, he takes losing trades just like everybody else, but since his winners are so big they absorb his losers.

And this is another reason why traders tell me they love the Renko Breakout Strategy so much. Because when you trade this way you literally get dozens of opportunities a day. So if a trade doesn’t go your way you just get out. You don’t even have to wait for a full stop anymore. You just hop out and take one that will go your way. 

And with this strategy, you’ll typically make more from those winning trades because you won’t be exiting prematurely. Instead you’ll exit at the right time, when the price actually does start to move in the opposite direction, not just when things get a little choppy.

Can you imagine going three months without having one single losing day? When you start winning like this your confidence as a trader begins to soar. You’ll no longer be afraid to pull the trigger when you need to. You’ll go in, know what you’re looking for, make your trades and be done.

And by the way, if you’re curious why this strategy works so well and why it’s different from every other trading strategy out there then read the next section…

Why the Renko Breakout Strategy?

There are three reasons why the Renko Breakout Strategy is different than every other strategy and program out there and why it’s so effective:

  1. Focus On Highly Consistent Profits: This strategy is designed around a simple, but powerful goal: to have a trading system where you consistently take high-probability trades so you can generate dependable profits. The Renko Breakout Strategy helps eliminate the noise, making it easy for you to stay in trends longer. It gives you clear signals so you know exactly when to enter and exactly when to exit, helping you quickly grow your account values. We have many traders who use this system who will go weeks, and some who will go months, without ever having a losing day. So when we say “highly consistent” we’re serious.
  2. It’s Being Traded Live: There are lot of untested and unvalidated trading programs out there. Strategies and systems that should work in theory but that get destroyed in real life! However, when you sign up for the Renko Trading Mastery workshop you’ll not only get in-depth training on how it works, but you’ll also get access to the live trading room so you can see the trades we take every day and why. One trader said, “I love this room because Thomas is doing all the heavy lifting. He’s watching all the other charts… letting us know we’ve got 30-minute bull flags about to trigger or bear divergence going here.” So not only will get a top-notch education, you can also be making money while you “follow the leader."
  3. Helps You Ignore the Noise: One of the most powerful aspects of the Renko Breakout Strategy is that it helps you ignore the noise. There is so much noise in the market. So many things that compete for your attention that simply do not matter. Time being one of them. Once you start trading with Renko it’ll be easy to see why time is such a distraction. Remember, you only make money when the market is moving. And it’s those compression periods that trip so many traders up and cause them to lose money. But Renko practically forces you to wait for real trade setups and breakouts by giving you well defined signals.

For Just $47 You’ll Discover...

Here are some of the things you’ll get when you buy this workshop:

  • How you can use Renko to clearly identify trends, how to trade retracements and how to easily spot reversals. Once you know this you’ll be better equipped to only enter trades that are right for you and to stay in those trades longer to maximize your profits.
  • A solid understanding of Renko Charts, including how the bars are generated, the 3 different types (Normal Renko, Mean Renko, and UniRenko) and how they help you filter out the noise so you can focus on what matters most.
  • How to use the Renko Breakout Strategy whether you’re just starting out with a $200 Forex account or your a fund manager of a multi-million dollar account (We have both types of traders in our room who use this strategy successfully)!
  • The #1 reason why 90% of traders fail to beat the market -- avoid this like the plague if you want to join the 10% (it’s not complicated but you have to do it!).
  • Everything you need to know to get started trading with Renko Charts (after you go through this workshop you’ll be able to start using Renko effectively right away).
  • How Renko charts helps prevent you from getting chopped up by your own fears every time you enter a compression period (this helps you stay longer in the trend).
  • How to quickly and easily determine trends based on price action alone using the Renko Breakout Strategy.
  • Why switching to Renko can be one of the easiest ways to simplify your trading so you can make smarter moves, resulting in more (and bigger) winning days.
  • How the Renko Breakout Strategy can help your trading become much more systematized (You’ll be operating according to a clearly defined set of rules). 
  • Why Renko Charts are a great fit for traders who are impatient or impulsive because of how they filter out all the unnecessary noise allowing you to focus on the essentials.
  • How to ignore the noise and focus on what matters most… which is when the market actually moves up or down (this is how you become a hyper-focused trader).
  • How to never again be deceived by weak or false signals again (If you use Renko the way we teach you then real trade setups and breakouts will be super easy to see).
  • And much, much more!!

How Long Will It Take To See Results?
(One Trader Went from $810 in Month 1 to $27,411 by Month 6)


Of course that depends on many things such as, are you a quick learner? How many hours a day will you devote to this? Will you be following the rules outlined in this strategy or will you try to modify it? However, here’s an example from a trader who just joined Base Camp Trading and started using this system in June 2018. As you can see he only made $810 his first month. But by Month #3 he made $5,280 and after six months he was making $27,411 trading the Renko Breakout Strategy exactly as we prescribed it.

Who Is the Renko Breakout Strategy For?

The Renko Breakout Strategy workshop is for the day trader who wants to learn a simple system that’s easy to use and that produces highly consistent results.

This workshop is for you if…

  • You’re sick of constantly losing money trading.
  • You’re tired of inconsistent results (small wins followed by big losses).
  • You feel drained from constantly doubting yourself while trading.
  • You want to find good quality trades without watching the computer 24/7.
  • You want to be free from the analysis paralysis that’s kept you from winning.
  • You have a smaller account and you don’t have much margin for error.
  • You want to use charts that are cleaner, and help you ignore the noise.
  • You’re ready to stick to trading system that works.

You Get All This for Only $47!

The Renko Breakout Strategy Workshop is a 9-part online course that shows you the exact method Thomas Wood, and hundreds of others, have used for years to take consistent daily profits from the markets.

9 Video Lessons (Value: $349)

1-Month BaseCamp Trading Membership (Value: $97)

      1. Access to 3 Professional Level Live Trading Rooms
      2. Tuesday Night Live Office Hours Sessions
      3. Email and iPhone/Android App
      4. Four Daily Trading Videos : Pre-Market & End of Day

Total Value = $446

For A Limited-Time Only $47!

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