Naked Trading Part 1

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7 reviews for Naked Trading Part 1

  1. Edmund U.

    Thomas’ webinar on trend trading various, high probability price/chart patterns is illuminating. ANYbody learning to day or swing trade any instrument, or even honing their skills, will benefit from these strategies!

  2. charlie markley


  3. Gary M

    Naked Trading shook me like a rag doll. I was finally able to determine what the trend is and after I took naked trading 2 begin looking at multiple time frames to time my entry and exits. It is essential learning if you want to become consistent successful trader. IMHO

  4. Larry

    Tom, Great webinar! I have been trading 15 years and lost sight of how important the trend is.
    Naked trading has put me back to concentrating on the trend. I am seeing better returns with not trading against the trend. Price action is king.

  5. Richard

    Naked trading is the purest form of trading as far as I am concerned and Thomas it the definitive GURU on the subject. There is no other “professional” I have come across in my last 6 years of trading that has the insight and clarity of thought when it comes to reading a price chart with no indicator on a chart. Price is KING and the naked trading workshops have taken the truth about price action to the final conclusion. Highly recommended.

  6. Jim F

    very very good I need to watch it again so much meat best money spent!

  7. Dave Glissmeyer

    This is far and away the best course for any trader or any level, especially for folks wanting to learn. Plainly stated once I was able to master these concepts my trading life literally turned on a dime. I have purchased the full version of Naked 1 and 2 and view them both on a monthly basis and still find something new and helpful almost every time I watch.

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