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Warning: What your about to read will sound too good to be true. I understand. But please don’t let that stop you. Dig into the facts and proof for yourself.

“Here’s the Exact Strategy I Used In My Last

700 Trades, To Get A 94.8% Win-Rate

While Being In the Market ⅓ the Time.”

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I’ve purchased over a dozen options trading programs and spent thousands of dollars over the past 3 years looking for a way to get ahead financially.  I’ve lost even more money trying to get the systems to work for me.  Your system is the first one that I was able become profitable with.  After 2 months of trading a simulated account and following along, I’m now averaging about $400 a week in profits.  You are the REAL DEAL!

Heath Saviengvong


How one trader grew his account 11.65% in just 2 weeks using the 11-Hour Options Strategy… That’s more growth than the S&P 500 usually has in a year!

From: Dave Aquino
Philadelphia, PA

Is this for real? Does this actually work?

You may be reading this thinking:
94.8% win-rate?
– 11.65% return in 2 weeks?
– Works in any market?

I don’t know… sounds too good to be true

And I don’t blame you.

Honestly, I sometimes get nervous sharing these results because it can actually have the opposite effect of what I intended. That’s because there are so many trading programs out there that overpromise and underdeliver.

So while I’m trying to prove that yes, this really works, I probably scare off half my readers who shake their head in disbelief. So I’m left with two choices:

1) I could lie and water down the actual results.
2) I can just tell you how this works (it’s actually a much more simpler and straightforward approach than most trading strategies – which is one of the reasons why it works so well).

So I’ll go with Option 2. But before I explain how this works, and how I’ve used this to experience a 94.8% win-rate over the last three years (700+ trades), I’d like to introduce you to Jim. Because Jim is a trader who may be in a similar position as you.

When he started using the 11-Hour Options Strategy he was a beginner/intermediate trader. Certainly not an expert. And so I share his story to prove that you don’t have to have 20+ years of real-world trading experience like I do for this to work.

If you can follow simple directions you can use this strategy to generate consistent profits too.

November 2017: Jim Starts
Trading 11-Hour Options

Jim attended our Dallas Bootcamp in October 2017 where I taught on 11-Hour Options. I met him after my talk and he told me he was going to test it out.

His plan was to trade 11-Hour Options just how I prescribed, however he chose to only trade the SPX (S&P500). His goal was to go for a 4%, 5% or 6% return on every trade but no more. He would aim for consistency over big gains. He also agreed to utilize the stop loss levels I suggested and to trade the same trades I took in the trading room.

“The biggest obstacle I had before I started with 11-Hour Options was figuring out how to cut my losses and get out. But I watched Dave’s 11-Hour training and saw how his results were like 95%, and that of course got my attention. So I decided to give it a go,” says Jim.

Jim began to take his 11-Hour trades in November 2017. And something weird happened…

He took 7 trades in November with zero losses. Then in December he placed 10 more trades. And again, no losses. January he took 10 trades, again with zero losses. Jim had good runs before but never experienced 100% wins after 27 trades. Something was different about this system.

And the best part was how much his accounts grew in those three months.

Monthly Account Growth:
28% (Nov), 17% (Dec), 38% (Jan)

In November, Jim took one of his account from $23,257 to $29,959 (+$6,702). See below:

In December he didn’t trade as much because of the holidays but still managed to take a $27,887 account to $32,597 (+$4,710).

And in January he took a $32,597 account to $45,073, making $12,475 (+38.3%).

So in summary, here’s what Jim did in his first three months using 11-Hour Options:

Month Ending Value Starting Value Period Change % Change
November $29,959.63 $23,257.22 $6,702.41 28.8%
December $32,597.85 $27,887.76 $4,710.09 16.9%
January $45,073.74 $32,597.85 $12,475.89 38.3%

As you can imagine, Jim was pretty happy with the results. Not just for the growth itself but because he finally found a reliable system he could trust in to help provide for his family.

$10,803 In Profits in Just
2 Weeks. 11.65% Growth!

I’ll wrap up Jim’s story by saying that he, naturally, continued with this strategy. But in May 2018 he had some personal family issues he had to deal with so he only traded two weeks that month. Now look at the screenshot of the statements Jim sent me of those two weeks:

In Account #1 he makes $3,286.
In Account #2 he makes $4,340.
In Account #3 he makes $3,176.

Again, all in the month of May.

Jim started out with a total account at the beginning of May of $92,712.

He generated $10,803 in profits in 2 weeks. That is a growth in the account of 11.65% in just two weeks. 11.65% is more growth than the S&P 500 usually has in a good year!

Here’s the text Jim sent me after this happened:

Will This Work for Smaller Accounts?

Now you may not have a $100,000 trading account like Jim did. But honestly, it doesn’t matter. The strategy works whether you have $10,000 or $100,000. If you had been using a $10,000 account to make those same trades here’s the profit you would have generated during those months:

Month Ending Value Starting Value Period Change % Change
November $12,880.00 $10,000 $2,880.00 28.8%
December $11,690.00 $10,000 $1,690.00 16.9%
January $13830.00 $10,000 $3,830.00 38.3%

The bottom line is that if you want to become a consistently profitable trader then you can either:

a) Be a lone ranger who tries to figure everything out on his own. Or…

b) Adopt a proven strategy that’s already working…Something you can start doing next week that would actually generate real income for you and your family. Remember, I’ve personally used this strategy for the last several years, placing over 700 trades and have a win-rate of 94.8%.

When you start winning like this your confidence as a trader will naturally grow. You’ll no longer be afraid to pull the trigger when you need to. You’ll go in, know what you’re looking for, make your trade and be done for the day.

And by the way, if you’re curious why this strategy works so well and why it’s different from every other Options strategy out there then read the next section…

What Makes 11-Hour Options So Different?

There are three reasons why 11-Hour Options is different than every other program out there and why it’s so effective at generating consistent profits.

1. Focus On Consistency: This strategy is designed around a simple, but powerful goal: to have a trading system where you consistently take high-probability trades so you can generate dependable profits. Our goal is to make 4%, 5% or 6% return on every trade and to win over 90% of them. We’re not buying and holding. We’re not going for home runs. We’re focused on hitting singles and doubles.

When I say these trades are consistent I mean that. In the over three years we’ve been trading this system we’ve done over 700 trades. And we have a 94.8% win-rate. And the profits we generate are very consistent. The average return per winning trade is a little over 5.3%.

2. Mastering Risk Control: There is always risk in trading. But there are actions you can take to greatly minimize that risk. And 11-Hour Options is all about helping you do just that. Imagine you’re a kindergarten teacher and you have 20 kids in your class. 19 of them are good, well-behaved kids. But one kid, Johnny, is a little tyrant!

You know that in order to have a successful year you have to figure out a plan for Johnny. The other 19 will essentially take care of themselves. Once you figure out how to limit the damage little Johnny can do, all is well. It’s the same with this strategy. 19 of the trades will basically take care of themselves. But what about the one that doesn’t? Well, we have a very specific set of rules for dealing with “The Johnny” that comes along. It’s all about 19 steps forward and one small step back.

3. Works In Any Market: 11-Hour Options is not dependent on market conditions like other programs. Most trading strategies only work well when the market is good but not volatile. However, this strategy works in any market (Bullish, Bearish, and even Sideways). Because of our ability to selectively pick the trades that have clearly defined momentum, we know which direction the market is moving. That’s why we have an increased probability of success because we are selectively picking which trades we take. And then it’s only the overnight risk that we have to manage, which is much less risk than something like a 30-day timeframe.

For Just $49 You’ll Discover…

Here are some of the things you’ll learn once you buy this workshop:

  • How to implement the exact strategy that me and hundreds of others have used in over 700 trades — in every market (Bullish, Bearish and Sideways) — to get a 94.8% win rate.
  • The #1 reason why 90% of traders fail to beat the market — avoid this like the plague if you want to join the 10% (it’s not complicated but you have to do it!).
  • How to limit your losses by following a battle-tested, risk control technique so the most you’ll ever lose on any one trade is 2-3x the profit you’re seeking (this is the best defense you can put in place to protect your profits).
  • How to develop the ability to selectively pick the trades that have clearly defined momentum (when you do this, you’ll know which direction the market is moving which will significantly increase your probability of success). This is how you go from an 85% win rate to ~95%.
  • What you must do if you really want to be a consistently profitable trader who does this full-time (Hint: it’s about doing what other profitable full-time traders are doing. It’s not rocket science. If you can follow directions, you can do this!)
  • Why you only need to be correct in the 11 hours between the time you put on the trade and the time you exit. When you get that right, no matter how close it is to you by the time you get to expiration, the trade runs out of time. And when the trade runs out of time and the buzzer goes off you get to keep all the profit!
  • Why the 11-Hour Options strategy is superior to 30-day credit strategies (Hint: the 30-day strategies are very hard to adapt when market shifts and this strategy is very agile. Plus you don’t have to worry about it for 30 days!).
  • Never again sit in front of your computer waiting for a trade. I’ll show you how to go in at a specific time and quickly identify if the 11-Hour Trade setup is there or not. If it is, you make it. If it isn’t you don’t. Simple as that. You’ll become a very focused and selective trader after learning this process.
  • And much, much more!!

You Get All This for Only $49!

The 11-Hour Options Workshop is an 8-part online course that shows you the exact method Dave Aquino, and hundreds of others, have used for years to take consistent weekly profits from the markets, while only being in the markets ⅓ of the time.

8 Video Lessons (Value: $346)

3 Bonus Videos

Bonus Guides/Checklists (Value: $199)

1-Month BaseCamp Trading Membership (Value: $97)

  • Email and iPhone/Android App for 11-Hour Options trade alerts
  • Access to 2 Professional Level Live Trading Rooms
  • 4 Daily Trading Videos : Pre-Market & End of Day
  • Members-Only Special Learning Sessions

Total Value = $642

For A Limited-Time Only $49!

Who Is the 11-Hour Options Workshop For?

The workshop is for you if you are a looking for a proven strategy you can use to get 4%, 5% or 6% return on every trade you make and maintain a win-rate of over 90%. This strategy is for you if you want to learn how to hit singles and doubles. It’s not about swinging for home runs! If you can just follow directions and implement this strategy the way Dave and hundreds of others do, then you’ll likely get similar results as they do.

This workshop is for you if…

  • You’re sick of constantly losing money trading.
  • You’re tired of inconsistent results (small wins followed by big losses).
  • You feel drained from constantly doubting yourself while trading.
  • You want to find good quality trades without watching the computer 24/7.
  • You want to be free from the analysis paralysis that’s kept you from winning.
  • You have a smaller account and you don’t have much margin for error.
  • You’re ready to stick to an income trading system that works.

More Proof: Real Trades Sent to Clients

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