Overlooked but wildly undervalued...


Ex-hedge fund trader reveals the simple system he uses to find the "undercover" stock set-ups that most traders miss, including...

Ex-hedge fund trader reveals the simple system he uses to find the 'undercover' stock set-ups that most traders miss, including...

Dear Reader,

If I'm wrong about my next "D.A.R.K." stock pick, you might lose a few hundred bucks on the play. Boo hoo.

But if I'm right?

I don't want to over promise anything but one of my fellow D.A.R.K. stock traders took my advice on a trade and made enough to pay off his house.

One trade. Goodbye mortgage payments.

That's the power of D.A.R.K. stocks.

Unfortunately, most traders have never even heard about D.A.R.K. stocks.

That's because they're overshadowed by all the big stocks that are in the limelight: Amazon, Netflix, Google, Tesla...

These are the stocks that get talked about. The ones the mainstream media tells you to buy. The ones that always get featured in financial newsletters...

But here's the reality...

The upside on those stocks is very small.

Sure, maybe they'll go up 5 or 10% in the next few months.

But if you're looking to double or even triple your money in the same timeframe you have to look elsewhere.

You have to stop looking at the stocks that are in the spotlight and you have to start looking for "treasures in the darkness."

No, I'm not talking about crypto, NFTs or whatever the latest "flavor of the month is."

I'm talking about financially sound companies that are about to explode 100%, 200%... sometimes even 300% in less than 90 days.

I call these D.A.R.K. Stocks and this strategy can give you a massive advantage over other traders.

Here's just a few recent examples:

A 291% profit on SOLO in just a couple weeks...

SOLO chart

A 1,000% profit on FCEL in just 2 months. Keep in mind this is profit on shares alone, we're not even trading options.

FCEL chart

And then we had a 292% gain on a company called CLOV. I was so confident about this one I told everyone that this was my largest position at the time.

CLOV chart

Because of this, one of my readers, Benjy, decided to also put on a larger position, which worked out very well for him.

Here's the message he sent me after he closed out his position...

"The CLOV trade is enough to pay off my house so THANK YOU!"
Benjy message

Now of course that is unusual.

Yes, I do get a lot of positive messages from people. But I have to admit this was the first time someone said they actually paid off their mortgage with ONE trade.

Can you imagine that?

One day you have a mortgage and the next day you tell your spouse:

"Well, good news, we don't have to make that monthly mortgage payment anymore."

That's just crazy isn't it?

Again, I'm not promising you'll get the exact same results as Benjy but I will tell you this: after you see how these D.A.R.K. Stock trades work. I don't think you'll ever want to go back to trading mainstream stocks again.

Just ask Agneta who said:

"My $30,000 trading account made more real money than the million dollar managed account I have no control over. Well done!"

And John said:

"I have a very small account but have been able to more than double it in the last month. I appreciate the opportunities that you present."

Or Kim who emailed me and said:

"I have been following these trades and it has been a game changer for my account. I trade a small account, but learning from you has helped me steer towards consistency and growth. These trades have been nothing short of Amazing."

So what's so amazing about these trades?

Thomas Wood

Why are they allowing normal part-time traders to do things like double their accounts, pay off their homes and make more money on a $30k account than a $1 million managed account?

Well, if you stick with me I'll explain in detail what these D.A.R.K. Stocks are and how you can start trading them too.

But first, in case you're not familiar with me... My name is Thomas Wood.

I Started Trading When I Was 13 Years Old and Never Looked Back...

Reading Wall Street Journal

That's when my dad had "the talk" with me -- no, not about sex... about the other big area we all deal with: money.

He owned a construction company. And one day while I was on a job with him he said:

"Look son, these guys you see here are all hard workers. But they'll never become wealthy or enjoy a life of freedom by punching a clock and trading time for money...

If you want a life of freedom and you want that Ferrari we saw at the car show the other day, then you need to learn how to make money work for you...

You need to know how to multiply money, which is what trading is all about."


Now I'll be honest...

As a 13-year-old I didn't really understand the whole "life of freedom" concept because, well, I was just a kid.

But I was really into cars and if Dad said this trading thing would get me my dream car, I was all in!

And so my Dad homeschooled me and taught me how to trade.

He had a weird obsession with intelligence and understanding geniuses and was convinced he could turn me into a trading genius if he started young enough.

While Other Kids My Age Were Reading Comics And Trading Baseball Cards, I was Reading The Wall Street Journal and Making Options Trades

By the time I was 18 I knew I wanted to work for a hedge fund...

But I realized my age would be a hindrance. So I decided to go to college and triple major in Finance, Economics and Marketing to have more credibility.


One day in college my finance professor -- who was a fundamental, value-based type of investor, invited a technical analysis expert to speak to the class.

My professor said, "I disagree with everything this guy is going to tell you. But I feel like it'd be good for you to have a different perspective."

When the guest speaker came in he said, "I'm going to show you a bunch of different charts and I'll pay you for each one you can correctly identify."

At the end of his lecture, I identified every single one of them.

My professor and the other students looked at me like I was rainman or something. I'll be honest, it was a little awkward as I don't really like being the center of attention.

So that was weird...

But the thing that stuck out to me most about that experience was that here were two successful investors who approached the markets completely differently...

They both discovered a way that allowed them to beat the market. And yet they both thought the other side was wrong.

This made me realize how divided the investing and trading world really is.

On One Side You Have Value Investors...

Warren Buffett

People like Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch who believe all you need to succeed as an investor is to focus on Fundamental Analysis.

They make fun of traders who look at charts...

Buffett even once said, "I realized that technical analysis didn't work when I turned the chart upside down and didn't get a different answer."

And Peter Lynch says charts, "Are great... for predicting the past."

So instead of looking at charts they assess a company's financial health by looking at their balance sheet, profit and loss statements, earnings, future growth, etc.


Basically they're like a doctor looking at a medical report to see if a company is sick or not.

They know healthy things grow, and if the company is growing they feel comfortable investing in it. If not, they don't.

They're very good at this and that's their edge.

But the problem is it's a strategy that takes A VERY LONG TIME to make money.

As Buffett has famously said: "Our favorite holding period is forever."

That's why he has some stocks he's kept for over 30 years!

He's 91 now, so maybe he'll take his profit before he's 100! I don't know.

On The Other Side You Have Traders...

stock chart

People like Paul Tudor Jones who has amassed a $7 billion net worth using Technical Analysis. He says:

Paul Tudor Jones

"When it comes to trading macro, you cannot rely solely on fundamentals; you have to be a tape reader (price action), which is something of a lost art form."

Traders believe all you need to succeed in the markets is to understand how price action works.

They're not interested in assessing a company's health like Value Investors are...

Instead, all they really care about is where the stock price is headed so they know if they should buy or sell to turn a profit today.

Traders are very good at this, which gives them their edge. However, to succeed at this you have to be someone who can react quickly to price changes.

Basically, you need to be able to devote a big chunk of your day to being in front of your computer staring at charts.

So who was right?

The Value Investors who favored Fundamental Analysis?

Or Day Traders and who relied on the Technicals?

Value investors or day traders?

I started to obsess over this question in my search for the best way to make money in the markets...

College Was Boring and Easy.
I Needed A Bigger Challenge...

And since I had already been trading for 5 years before I got to college my assignments and exams were pretty easy.

In fact, a lot of the stuff they were teaching in college was purely academic, and had no real-world application at all... but I wasn't there for that.

I wanted the degrees so I could go work for a hedge fund.

So instead of being crushed by homework and studying, I actually had a lot of free time to devote to these big macroeconomic theories and concepts.

I felt more like a scientist trying to solve some complex equation...

Technical analysis vs fundamentals

And my quest for answers led me to a man named Nicholas Darvas.

The Man Who Made $2 Million in 18 Months with Stocks Using Techno-Fundamentalism

Nicholas Darvas

Darvas pioneered a strategy in the 1950s called "techno-fundamentalism" that allowed him to make $2 million in 18 months.

The more I studied his work the more I realized he and I were thinking the same way about this. Instead of being so dogmatic and feeling like you had to pick a side, you could actually be more profitable by combining the best of both worlds.

You could choose stocks like Buffett, but trade them like Paul Tudor Jones.

Choose stocks like Buffett, but trade them like Paul Tudor Jones

Like any good trader, I started testing some of these strategies with my own money on the line.

But I was hungry for the next step. And I wanted to get into the hedge fund space to have a place to stretch my legs and grow as a trader.

And that opportunity came shortly after graduating college. I had job offers from five different financial institutions and picked the one I liked the best.

It was a smaller financial company compared to some of the larger funds out there today, but a very entrepreneurial one. The strength of this company was their intellectual property. In short, their strategies flat-out worked.

Even years ago in 2008 when most traders were getting crushed, this particular fund brought home...

$4.7 Million of Profit in One Month...

In fact, here's a statement showing the profit from one of the accounts inside this upstart fund.


While I was at this company, we developed new strategies that turned the industry on its ear.

Thanks to the strategies we developed, we had big-time traders coming to US for ideas. I remember one time a trader from a $4 billion family office reached out to me wondering how I "knew" a certain stock was about to make a major move. (Spoiler alert: I was right.)

He sent me a chat message wanting to know how I nailed this pick.

So I explained to him how this strategy works...

I told him I use techno-fundamentalism to look for what I call D.A.R.K. Stocks. And that the position he was holding was one of those types of stocks...

So What are D.A.R.K. Stocks?

I walked him through my proprietary 4-point methodology, which I'll also share with you right now...

Determine Technical Setup

The first part of the D.A.R.K. Stock strategy is about technical analysis. With techno-fundamentalism, the technicals always lead the way. So we ask a simple question:

"Is there unusual trading activity with this stock?

We ask this question because unlike pure Value Investors, we have very specific profit targets in mind: we aim for 20% to 200% profit within 90-365 days.

And unless we can see a trade setting up within that time frame we don't buy it. It doesn't matter how "healthy" the company is. We need to know there's a high probability to make outsized gains in the next several weeks, not years.

It doesn't have to be overnight but we're not planning on holding for months or years. Naturally, we're happy to hang on to a growth stock if it's climbing higher and higher but for the most part we are looking for quick scores.

This is where we part ways from the buy and hold investors.

Therefore most D.A.R.K. Stocks are not the popular ones everyone is trading.


Because you're not going to double your money on Amazon or Apple in the next 90 days.

But with D.A.R.K. Stocks you can.

For example...

How often have you heard of the Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp in the news? Ticker symbol SOLO.

Not much if at all...

But that D.A.R.K. Stock went up 291% just a few weeks after I sent the alert out...

SOLO chart

Or what about Qudian Inc, ticker QD? An online consumer finance company.

That's another D.A.R.K. Stock where we saw a 350% gain in just a matter of days.

QD chart

Or how about FuelCell Energy. FCEL.

Another D.A.R.K. Stock I recommended went up 1,000% in just a couple weeks.

FCEL chart

Again, these companies are not making front page headlines. But that's good news for us because it allows us to make: 291%, 350% and 1,000% profit in less than 90 days.

It's nearly impossible to do that with mainstream stocks.

Assess Momentum Strength

The second question I ask to find D.A.R.K. Stocks is...

"How much force is behind the price movement?"

Force behind price movement

Because I need to know if it's being nudged a little or being hit by a Mack Truck.

It can be the difference between a 10% or 1,000% gain.

So D.A.R.K. Stocks must show strong momentum before we buy it.

Now I've coached a lot of traders who thought they understood how momentum works but I'll tell you this: 90% of them only know enough to be dangerous...

For example, one of the most common mistakes I see traders make with momentum is thinking that you just trade a crossover.

They'll use a free momentum indicator like MACD and say:

"Well, when the histograms are red I'll go short... and when they're green I'll go long because momentum is bullish, right?"

Whenever I hear that I just cringe.

Because I know they'll continue to lose money if they keep believing that.

On the other hand, here's an example of how to correctly assess momentum...

This is a D.A.R.K. Stock buy alert I sent out on a company called Fuel Cell Energy, ticker FCEL.

On this one we had about a 1,000% profit on shares alone.

FCEL chart

This was on my watchlist because it had strong fundamentals supporting it with strong earnings per share growth and strong sales growth.

And then I determined a clear technical setup was forming. I saw a strong pattern for an upcoming breakout.

We had this compression sideways channel over here. And then we broke through the resistance at $3.50...

And when I looked at my MQ Momentum Indicator, which is a proprietary indicator we developed here at Microquant, it was clear there was a lot of force behind this move.

This confirmed that this was not a false breakout and that this stock was taking off like a bat out of hell.

So I sent the alert out at $3.50 a share. And sure enough the momentum carried it all the way up to a high of around $30 over the next couple months.

That means if you would have taken this trade you could've made a 1,000% gain in just a couple months.

Now, I want to be clear. A 1,000% gain doesn't happen a lot, not even with D.A.R.K. Stocks. We typically aim for 20 to 200%+ gains in 90-365 days, but it is nice when we get big runners like this too.

Right Industries (Growing)

Another reason we're able to capture big 1,000% winners like FCEL has to do with the third question we ask to determine if this is a D.A.R.K. Stock, which is:

"Is this a growing industry with a lot more room to run?"

This question came from my competitive poker playing days...

So back in college I got really into poker to the point where I was one round away from playing for a seat in the World Series of Poker.

And one of the most important strategies I learned in poker is also one of the most important strategies for investing...

It's called "Table Selection."

In poker this means your odds of doubling or tripling your money go up exponentially simply by choosing the right table to sit at...

This is why you'll see professional poker players take a moment to scan the room when they enter. They look at the tables to see which ones have the most money and they avoid the ones with short stacks.

The right table...

I do the same thing when I look for D.A.R.K. Stocks...

I scan different industries to see which ones have the most money flowing into them...

Like the Electric Vehicles Market.

We know it was valued at $162 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $802 billion by 2027.

EV market growth chart

That means we'll see $640 billion flowing into this industry over the next several years, which also means this is a perfect environment to find D.A.R.K. Stocks, like the Electrameccanica Vehicles Corporation, ticker SOLO.

At the time SOLO had roughly a $200 million market cap. And they had previously reported about a billion dollars in pre-orders, which is about four times their market cap. So here we had a company with major future growth that was also in a high growth industry.

So I sent the alert out when the price was $2.50 a share.

SOLO chart

And as you can see it ended up turning into a really nice breakout trade. As you can see here, in a matter of just a couple of weeks, we had about a 300% move in the shares alone. If you would've bought options that would've been well over 1,000%.

Again, this is the power of trading D.A.R.K. Stocks.

Key Fundamental Catalyst

If the stock satisfies all the criteria I just mentioned then we add it to our watch list and wait for one final piece of information before we buy...

"A key fundamental catalyst that will lead to explosive growth in the next 90 days."

This is what really helps add gas to the fire and one of things that sets these D.A.R.K. Stock trades apart.

So in addition to the other three questions I also look for some type of catalyst to occur that would really accelerate the move.

This could be some type of news event, like an FDA announcement, or an earnings release or maybe news that a company will be making a big acquisition... something to confirm this stock is primed for explosive growth in the next several weeks.

When you have all four of these things in alignment, then you have a high likelihood that this is a D.A.R.K. Stock that's about to explode, which is how I've been able to find opportunities like:

  • Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp (SOLO) - 291%
  • Esports Entertainment Group Inc (GMBL) - 213%
  • FuelCell Energy Inc (FCEL) - 1,000%
  • Microvision (MVIS) - 300%
  • Qudian Inc (QD) - 350%
  • Draftkings Inc (DKNG) - 213%
  • Washington Prime Group (WPG) - 224%
  • Clover Health Investments Corp (CLOV) - 292%

Would Day Traders Want Something Like This?

After a series of big wins like this, our company's founder, Drew, suggested we make this D.A.R.K. Stock strategy available to our members...

At first I pushed back a little because most of the members in my trading room are futures traders. They're used to being in and out of trades in a matter of minutes or hours...

However, D.A.R.K. Stocks move slower.

Yes, the goal is to make 20% or more on these but it doesn't happen the same day... It can take days or weeks.

Plus, these are stocks, not futures...

So I was skeptical about how our members would respond.

But Drew made a good point, he said:

"Thomas, Remember, Not Everyone Has The Time To Sit In Front Of The Computer And Trade All Day..."

...there's a lot of people who want to double and triple their money with stocks who would be willing to wait several weeks or even a few months."

So I said, "Ok, I'm willing to do this on one condition: We focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY."

He said, "What do you mean?"

I told him I didn't want this to turn into one of those crappy stock advisory services where we're forced to pick some silly "stock of the day."

Fortune tellers...

I see so many so-called "gurus" doing this but they're more like fortune tellers than professional traders. So many of those services are useless and only give you info you can easily find for free online.

And most of their risk mitigation is laughable...

They'll say it's based on "buy and hold" which means if you hold on to it long enough it'll eventually go up... just give it another 10 or 20 years!

It's garbage. And I'm not willing to do that.

If we do this, I'm only willing to do it on my terms -- which means we only recommend D.A.R.K. Stocks.

And that could mean we go 3 weeks without a recommendation. Or we might have 3 or 4 in a single week. It just depends on market conditions.

But I refuse to pick crappy stocks just to hit some arbitrary number.

I explained this to Drew and he said, "Alright, let's do it and we won't force you to hit some quota each month."

So I announced it to our Platinum Members in 2020 and we had a small group sign up to test it out.

And the feedback we got from them was overwhelmingly positive. I started getting emails like this:

What Others Started To Say About This...

David C. said...

"These stock and option trades have been a great addition to my portfolio. I was originally here for futures trading. However, when you added the stock and option trades, I figured I'd give it a go. First, 3 weeks of trading this year it's up $9K. These gains are 80% from your alerts."

And Judith W. emailed me saying:

"I'm delighted to see that there is much more stocks and options activity going on, in addition to the futures trading. I've made $2,280 with your trade ideas since last Thursday!"

And here's one from Jim C. who said:

"My account has risen from $5000 in late May to $23000 today. The LUMN was a big winner. These trades help to keep me from overtrading futures. Thanks for all your help."

Let me repeat that last one again...

Jim took a $5,000 account in late May 2020 and turned it into $23,000 by the time he emailed me in January, just 8 months later.

Opening This Up For New Members...

So after getting feedback like this we realized 2 things:

1) This is something people really want.


2) It's actually helping them build wealth.

The problem was nobody knew about this unless they were part of our private Platinum Membership.

And we wanted to make this available to more people.

So in March 2021 we quietly launched the Profit Rx Advisory Service.

Profit RX Advisory Service

It's a stock alert service using the same strategy I was using with that initial test group in 2020.

We didn't do a huge promotion for it because it was still new, and I felt like we needed to give it more time to see how these picks played out...

But word started to spread quickly, especially after we had some more big winners...

For example in the second month after officially launching this service I sent out an alert to buy a little known stock called Clover Health Investments Corporation. Ticker CLOV. It was on my D.A.R.K. Stock watchlist because it met 3 of the 4 criteria:

  • Determined there was a technical setup
    They were significantly extended to the downside on longer timeframe charts.
  • Assessed strong momentum strength
    There was strong momentum.
  • Right Industry
    It was in the right industry.
  • Key fundamental catalyst
    And then a key fundamental catalyst happened in mid-April...

...that's when I saw Vanguard put on an extremely large position when they purchased an 18% stake in the company, which checked the 4th and final box.

So on April 15 I sent out the following buy alert to my private distribution list.

CLOV alert

I believed so strongly about this one that I wrote, "This is my largest position at this time."

Because of my confidence I had several people double down on this, and some even decided to buy options (which is what Benjy did, the guy who was able to pay off his home with the profit from this trade)...

292% Winner In 6 Weeks On CLOV
(Just on the Shares Alone)

I sent the alert when shares were at $7.35. Less than 8 weeks later the price shot up to $28.35 a share, generating a 292% return on shares alone...

CLOV chart

For those who traded options the return was astronomical.

Brian sent me this message letting me know he was up 13,000% on his CLOV synthetic longs. I know that's hard to believe and almost didn't even want to show that because that's such an anomaly. But it's also proof of what can happen when you trade D.A.R.K. Stocks...

Brian S. message

163% Gain in 3 Months - EVK

Here's another one I sent out on April 27th, just 12 days after the CLOV trade...

This one was a buy alert for Ever-Glory International Group, ticker symbol EVK, a retailer of branded fashion apparel.

I saw that the company was fundamentally undervalued using my D.A.R.K. Stock filtering criteria. I knew if they got to a 1/1 price/cash ratio, that would bring the target up to over $6/share.

The time I sent out the alert it was at $2.36.

And sure enough, about 3 months later the price jumped up to $6.22 -- a 163% gain.

Now of course not all the stocks I've recommended have taken off like a rocket ship. We've had some duds too.

For example, the very next pick after EVK was Fang Holdings (SFUN), a real estate internet portal, and it only went up a little over 2%. We've had others that only went up 5 or 10%...

So I'm not going to sit here and try and pretend every single stock I've recommended has gone up 200 or 300%. That's just not realistic.

But I will say, out of the 47 stocks I've recommended since we officially launched this service in March, at least 88% of them have moved 5% or more in our direction.

47 recommendations chart

Plus, there's been 13 that have gone up about 50% or more and 6 that have gone up 100% or more.

Which means, you'll have a handful of massive winners. But also some that "only" go up 50% or so. However, if you compare this to most advisory services you'll see it has an unusually high track record.

Why is that?

Well there's a few reasons...

3 Reasons This Is Different Than Other Advisory Services Out There

The Profit Rx Advisory Service is unique in 3 ways.

Reason #1: You have up to 24 hrs to make the trade.

First, they are long-term swing trades, not intraday trades, which is nice because it gives you time to place the trade after you get the alert.

Most trade alert services require you to drop whatever you're doing and get into the trade in the next 5 minutes.

But this is different. For most of these alerts you should be ok as long as you buy the stock within 24 hours of getting the alert.

If you get the alert in the afternoon and you want to purchase it that night you're free to do that. Or if it works better for your schedule to do it first thing in the morning, you can do that too.

The point is you don't have to scramble to get online to buy the stock as soon as you get the alert. You have a little breathing room which makes this service a lot easier to use than most others.

Reason #2: You'll know exactly what to buy and why.

Some services give you a lot of information on a lot of different stocks. They think, "the more data people have, the better."

But in my experience too much data leads to analysis paralysis and causes people to overtrade.

With Profit Rx, it's different.

Each time you get an alert it will be for just a handful of stocks - usually just one stock at a time. But sometimes there will be buying opportunities on two or three different stocks at the same time.

I'll tell you exactly what opportunities we're targeting... and why. Naturally you get to decide if you want to make any of the trades or if you want to wait for the next one.

But I'm doing all the "ground work" - so this frees up your day.

Reason #3: The reward-risk ratio is tilted heavily in your favor.

With these trades we're looking for our average winner to be a minimum 20% all the way up to several hundred percent. While risking just 10 to 20%.

So we may see an opportunity to make say 200% but we'll still limit our risk to say 20%. If you're a savvy investor or trader you know that long-term success in the markets depends more on your ability to manage risk than it does to make big gains.

And with this service our first priority is to protect our downside. Once that's taken care then -- and only then -- do we shoot for the moon.

That's another benefit of Profit Rx Trades. You get the peace of mind knowing that first and foremost we're always attempting to protect the downside. While still giving you the potential to go after 50%, 100% or even 300% gains in a matter of weeks or months instead of years...

This is something you simply have to try for yourself. I know once you see the results for yourself, it'll change your whole approach to investing.

Which is why I'm making an unusual offer today.

Try Profit Rx Trades For The Next 30 Days (And Only Pay If You Profit)

We could sit here and talk all day about how this works, the track record and how others have paid off their homes with these trades...

But none of that really matters unless it translates into more money in your pocket, right?

So here's what I want to do.

I believe in this so strongly I'm willing to shoulder the risk here.

I'll offer to add you to my private distribution list. Once your name is on this list, you'll get every single one of my Profit Rx Trades for the next 30 days.

Each trade alert contains detailed instructions. So there's no guesswork.

And right now I have about a dozen different stocks on my private watchlist. I'm just waiting for certain things to trigger, which could happen any day now. If I had to guess, I'd say you'll most likely get the next alert within a week or two of signing up.

Now like I said, I refuse to send you low-quality recommendations just to say "I sent you something"... I'm more interested in quality over quantity.

However, over the last year we have averaged about 4 new alerts a month. Some months have been a little higher, others a little lower, but it usually comes out to 4 a month.

So if you take me up on this 30-day trial you'll likely get 3-5 new opportunities in that time. Some of those stocks will start to move rather quickly, while others will take time to really take off.

But out of those 3-5 picks I'd be very surprised if at least one of them didn't go up 50% or more. What could this look like?

Well, again, past performance is not indicative of future results... So I'm not promising you'll get these exact results.

But if you would have joined a few months back, you would have gotten the following 11 trade alerts within your first few weeks:

Previous trade alerts

So as you can see, not all of them went up 100% or more but at least 3 of them did. Plus, the others didn't do too bad either...

Again, I want to be clear: these are past results. The next 30 days could be completely different. But this should help give you an idea of what to expect...

So if this sounds like something you're interested in, then click the button below now to start your 30-day test drive.

Click here to get started

Then make all the trades you want. Measure the results with your own two eyes and decide for yourself if you want to continue with this.

If it's not what you expect, you simply send a short one-sentence email to our support team that says, "I would like to get a refund on my service please." And they'll process your request within one business day. No games or gimmicks.

I only want people on my private trade alert list who are happy with the results because I want to get more emails like this one I got from Joe J. who said:

"I firmly believe if I stick to this consistently everyday I will become better at finding the trades. Overall I have made profits of approximately $5,000 during the last 30 days trading very small size for each trade risking no more than $200 per trade."

Imagine risking just $200 per trade but making $5,000 in the next 30 days like Joe did. Now, that's not exactly life-changing "go quit your day job" type of money, but hey, an extra $5,000 can go a long way.

And while the profit potential here is great, what I think is more powerful is who you will become in the process...

As you take these trades, you'll gain a deeper understanding of how this works... you'll get a feel for what I'm looking for in each of these picks, which in turn will make you a better investor and trader.

Because it's one thing to learn about this stuff but doing it is where true transformation happens.

Which is why if you join today, I'm also going to give you instant access to my Profit Rx Execution Workshop.

Profit Rx Workshop

This workshop will show you everything you need to know to execute these trades. I'll show you how to do things like setting up orders to trigger without having to watch them.

So if you're working during the day and you know a potential trade is set to trigger above X number, then you can place your order ahead of time and have it automatically trigger when it hits that price.

You'll also learn where to place your stops and how to identify your profit targets. If you're trading options, what options, strike and expirations to use. When and where to exit positions. All that good stuff...

This workshop alone is worth $497.

Plus, I'll also give you full access to my popular Naked Trading Mastery Price Action Course. Remember when I was saying that technical analysis needs to be paired with fundamental analysis?

Well, this is the course that will help you master the technical side of things. You learn how to trade with nothing but a stripped down naked price chart. It'll help you simplify the way you trade by focusing on the essentials.

In fact, I did a little test recently with this and decided to fund a $700 Robinhood account and use nothing but these naked trading price action principles. And I turned $700 into $3,350 in one month just to prove you don't need a bunch of fancy trading software or a big account.

I've had a lot of people tell me this is the best training they've ever seen on the subject of price action.

This course is worth $897.

So in addition to the 2-year subscription to the Profit Rx Advisory Service you'll also get these two powerful trainings valued at nearly $1,400.

Just to recap, if you join today you'll get...

  • 2-Year Subscription to Profit Rx Advisory Service (Normally $4997) - On average we publish 4 stock recommendations a month. So that's about 96 opportunities over 2 years. Goal is to make 50-200% gains.
  • 24/7 Unrestricted Access To The Profit Rx Website - so you can immediately review the latest trade recommendations, review past trade alerts and market commentary, and access your bonus trainings.
  • Unrestricted Email Support - so you can get any trade questions answered by my team of full-time traders.
  • Profit Rx Execution Workshop - FREE (Normally $497): In this online workshop, you'll discover how to setup orders to automatically trigger, where to place stops and when to exit your positions.

All Together, That's A $5,494 Value. But Today You Can Save $3,497

For a limited time, I'm accepting new members into my Profit Rx Advisory Service for just a single payment of $1,997. That comes to just $5.47 a day.

And don't forget, I'm giving a full 30 days to "test drive" this and measure the results with your own two eyes.

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That means you can make as many of these Profit Rx Trades as you want - either in a virtual account just for practice or with real money on the line so you can potentially earn while you learn.

And you get a full 30 days to make up your mind.

Think about this:

On average I expect we'll find 3-5 "Profit Rx Trades" over the next 30 days.

That's 3-5 opportunities to go after 50%, 100% or even 250% gains.

What Could Your Next 30 Days Look Like?

So how much could you potentially make in the next 30 days with this service?

Well, that's going to depend on many factors like: your account size and what position size you're trading, how much money you're putting in each trade, etc.

But could you possibly double your money in a months?

Well, John A. did ... he sent me the email below:

"I have a very small account but have been able to more than double it in the last month. I appreciate the opportunities that you present and that I have been able to find on my own with the scans."

Again, no promises here. But just showing you some real life examples of people just like you who used this strategy with great success.

Bottom line is that it's possible you could pay for the cost of your entire membership in your first 30 days (or at least a big chunk of it)...

So what do you have to lose?

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You Can Have Money Or Excuses... But Not Both

In my younger days, a wealthy man told me "Son, you get to choose. You can have money or you can have excuses. But nobody gets to have both."

That statement made a big impression on me. In fact, it changed the course of my career.

And today I'm putting the same decision at your feet: Money Or Excuses... But Not Both.

So here's what you should do right now:

Click the GET STARTED button on this page. (Don't worry, you can review your order before it's final.) Remember, you get a full 30 days to review the system, make as many of the "Profit Rx Trades" as you want and essentially "kick the tires."

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I'm confident that once you get a taste of how powerful these trades can be and once you get a taste of going after 50%, 100% or even 250% potential gains... you'll want to stay on as a full-fledged member of the Profit Rx Advisory Service.

But you're the final judge. Remember I'm giving you a full 30 days to decide.

So you can't lose today. Either I'm right and this ends up being a winning trading method for you... or you decide otherwise and end up getting a full refund.

Best case you win, worst case you break even. It's the ultimate deal for you.

The Only Way To Screw This Up

INACTION is the only way to screw this up.

If you leave this page without starting your 30-day trial of the Profit Rx Advisory Service, I'll just end up giving your spot away to someone else.

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I can't wait to see you on the inside.

To your success,

Thomas Wood
Profit Rx Advisory Service