Bond Income Trading Essentials:

A Workshop for Traders Who Want A Simple Way to Potentially Make An Extra $2-4K A Month with Less Stress and Complexity!

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Less Risk?
Less Stress?
Less Volatility?
Less Complexity?
Less Requirements?

  1. Less Risk: Trading bond spreads can be much less risky when compared to straight options or futures trading because every spread is a hedge, which presents much lower risk to you. With this strategy you exchange the bigger risk of price movement for the smaller risk of the spread differential.
  2. Less Stress: Spread trading is a much calmer way to trade. You can avoid the high stress (and blood pressure) that come from normal options or futures trading because you are hedged in every trade. You only have to be half right and you can still do well. In other words, if you’re wrong you can still keep your winning side and drop your losing side.
  3. Less Volatile: Trading bond spreads is less volatile than other types of trading such as options, straight futures, stocks, etc. That’s because it’s based on real events in the underlying market, instead of being controlled by market makers, who push and pull markets for their own benefits. (Note: the reason margin requirements are low is because volatility levels are low).
  4. Less Complex: It really is easy to learn how to trade spreads. The reason more retail traders don’t do this, or know about it, is because the professional traders like to keep this a secret. The truth is bond spreads can be a great strategy for any trader to learn, even beginners (we’ve seen success with traders with accounts under $5,000).
  5. Less Margin: The margin requirements for bond spreads are typically much lower than most other forms of trading, including options. This allows you to maximize the money you have in your trading account. For example, it’s not uncommon to trade 2 bond spreads for the same margin requirements you would need to trade just 1 outright futures position.

“I consistently make an extra $2,000-$4,000 a
month taking about 2-4 spread trades a week…
Now I want to teach my kids how to do this!”
– Andres Delgado

Before Thomas taught me how to trade bond spreads, my trading was like throwing darts in the dark… Back then if it was going up I’d think, Well, it’s got to come back down, and I would short it. And of course it would keep going up. I really didn’t have a plan. And so my success rate was not very good.

Then I came across Thomas Wood and learned how to trade bonds the right way. I learned how to trade with discipline and how to use a system to get consistent results. I used to lose money trading. Now I consistently make an extra $2,000-$4,000 a month, taking about 2 to 4 spread trades a week.

And now I want to teach my kids how to do this in case the economy goes down or they lose their jobs. My goal is to teach them so they can be successful… so they can have a skill that will allow them to make some extra income regardless of what happens in the economy.”

What Makes This Workshop So Different?

There are three reasons why the Bond Income Trading Essentials workshop is different than every other trading program out there:

1. Consistent Profits: This trading strategy is designed around a simple, but powerful goal: to have an income trading system where you consistently take high-probability spread trades so you can generate dependable profits. Bond Income Trading Essentials helps minimize your risk, giving you much more peace of mind about your trading. You’ll learn how to look for clear signals so you know exactly when to enter and exactly when to exit… helping you quickly grow your account values or take weekly profits. We have many traders who maintain a win rate over 75%. So when we say “highly consistent” we’re serious.

2. Being Traded Live: There are lot of untested and unvalidated trading programs out there. Strategies and systems that should work in theory but then get destroyed in real life! However, when you sign up for the Bond Income Trading Essentials workshop you’ll not only get in-depth training on how it works, but you’ll also get access to the live trading room so you can see the trades we take every day and why. One trader said, “I love this room because Thomas is doing all the heavy lifting. He’s watching all the other charts… letting us know what’s going on.” So not only will you get a top-notch education, you can also be making money while you “follow the leader.”

3. Hyper-Focused: This is very focused training that will teach you, step-by-step, everything you need to know to trade bond spreads successfully. Thomas will even show you the top 3 best bonds to trade for this strategy. So this is not one of those trainings with just a bunch of high-level concepts, principles and theories. Instead, you’ll get a crash-course on the practical aspects of bond spreads. You’ll learn how to leg into positions using spreads, how to trade bond breakouts, how to hedge your portfolio with bonds and so much more! If you want a professional masterclass on bond spreads this is for you!

For Just $197 You’ll Discover…

Here are some of the things you’ll learn once you buy this workshop:

  • How to set up profitable spread trades using professional trading techniques. After completing this workshop you’ll be better equipped to only enter trades that are right for you and to stay in those trades longer to maximize your profits.
  • A solid understanding of the Top 3 bonds for spread trades. How they typically move, where to find the best information on those bonds and what to focus on.
  • How to use the Bond Income Trading Strategy whether you’re just starting out with a $2,000 account or you’re managing a $1 million retirement account (We have both types of traders in our room who use this strategy successfully)!
  • How to avoid the #1 mistake beginner traders make when getting into spread trading (Once you remember this you’ll significantly lower your chances of taking big losses).
  • Everything you need to know to get started trading bond spreads (after you go through this workshop you’ll be able to start trading bond spreads the right away!).
  • How bond spreads can be a great play during risky market environments (And how to switch retirement portfolios for longer term trading into bond positions for when you’re in a risk-off environment).
  • How to quickly, and easily, determine high probability bond setups using the Bond Income Trading Technique.
  • Why switching to bond spreads can be one of the easiest ways to simplify your trading so you can make smarter moves, resulting in more winning days.
  • How the Bond Income Trading Strategy can help your trading become much more systematized by operating according to a clearly defined set of rules.
  • How to never again be deceived by weak or false signals again (Thomas will show you how to identify real trade setups and breakouts will be super easy to see!).
  • And much, much more!!

Spread Trading FAQs

Q: How many spread setups can I expect a week?
On average, spreads give about 1-2 good setups per week.

Q: Can you give me an idea how much you could potentially make?
Many spread traders make about $500 per spread.

Q: What are the margin requirements?
Requirements vary greatly depending on your broker. But ~$4k for a 30-year bond contract.

Q: How long are you in these spread trades for?
Some of them you’ll be in and out in the same day. Many will turn into swing trades.

Q: How quickly could you potentially make a profit?
Some day traders are making $300-$500 in < 1 hour.
Some swing traders are making $2,000-$3,000 in about 48-72 hours.

Q: Is this more for day traders or swing traders?
Occasionally we will turn day trades into swing trades. Swing trades make much more money.

Actual Results from A Trader Who Made
Over $10,000 in A Month Using this Strategy

Who Is the Bond Trading Workshop For?

The Bond Trading workshop is for day traders, or swing traders, who wants to learn a simple system that’s easy to use and that produces highly consistent results.

This workshop is for you if…

  • You’re sick of constantly losing money trading.
  • You’re tired of inconsistent results (small wins followed by big losses).
  • You feel drained from constantly doubting yourself while trading.
  • You want to find good quality trades without watching the computer 24/7.
  • You want to be free from the analysis paralysis that’s kept you from winning.
  • You have a smaller account and you don’t have much margin for error.
  • You want to focus on a simple, easy to understand trading strategy.
  • You’re ready to stick to an income trading system that works.

You Get All This for Only $197!

The Bond Income Trading Essentials Workshop is a 8-part live course that shows you the exact method Thomas Wood, and hundreds of others, have used for years to take consistent weekly profits trading bond spreads(recordings provided after live training):

8 Video Lessons (Value: $350)

Bonus Live Q&A Session on 3/27/19 (Value: $97)

1-Month BaseCamp Trading Membership (Value: $97)

  • Email and iPhone/Android App for 11-Hour Options trade alerts
  • Access to 2 Professional Level Live Trading Rooms
  • 4 Daily Trading Videos : Pre-Market & End of Day
  • Members-Only Special Learning Sessions

Total Value = $544

For A Limited-Time Only $197!

What Other Traders Are Saying About Us…

“I can promise you that you will benefit from working with these people. They trade what they teach and regardless of your level of expertise my bet is that they will help you.”

David G, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Appreciate what you and the team do… you guys are different. the teaching, training, and disposition is nothing short of awesome. Thank you! It’s helping a lot.”

Greg F, California

“I have been in several trading rooms without any success until I found you. Thomas is awesome. He takes time to answer all questions and show why he is making certain trades. There are no phantom trades, he tells you what he is going to do before he does it. He has changed the way I trade in a very short period of time. Thomas is awesome!”

Rob A.